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Trainingwithstef operates between 05:00 to 19:00.
Enquire now or book an appointment for the services rendered below via email.
  • Group Training: Incl. 45 - 60min. Sessions with a wide range of classes available. Refer to our Group Training section for more info.

  • Personal Training: Incl. Personal assistance, Full body assessments, personalised eating plans/diets, personal training programs.

  • Online Training: Incl. Unlimited online assistance, personalised eating plans/diets, personalised training programs for the duration of the contract)

  • Once off programs: Choose between a Diet/Eating Plan, Training Program or both.

  • Assessments: Body Fat Percentage.

  • Appointments: Discussing problematic areas, health issues and how to overcome it or make it better.


Without regular exercise & fuelling your body with good quality nutrition, you won’t know where you would be. Exercise and quality nutrition goes hand-in-hand as they function together.

The single greatest benefit of exercise is not what it does to your body, but rather what it does to your mind.

Exercise greatly improves mental health by reducing cortisol, anxiety, depression & a negative mood, exercise also improves self esteem & creates a clear mind, so your vision can become a reality.

If you haven’t started a regular exercise & nutrition regime, we suggest you start ASAP.

When placing your order at Fitness Meals Direct, please use the #Trainingwithstef code to receive discount on all your personalised meals.

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