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TWS is situated in Pretoria East. Health and Fitness is our forte. We assist clients from all ages to reach their respective goals.

Whether adopting a healthy lifestyle, becoming toned via our amazing classes, fat loss, muscle gain or pre and post natal, Trainingwithstef's Trainers and Assistants will see you reach your full potential.

Let TWS help you turn your dreams and wishes into a Lifestyle and bring those doctor's bills down with just the right amount of exercise per week. TWS Provides you with an option of Personal Training or Group Sessions that will suit your needs & budget.

Group Classes @ Trainingwithstef:

SteFIT Group Sessions gives you a variety of Boot Camp, Functional Fitness, Plyometric, HIIT and required stretching routines suitable for the entire family including pregnant women.

Each program are adjustable according to specific needs and problematic areas.

Personal Training @ Trainingwithstef:

Personal training gives you comfort in knowing that each program was specifically and carefully thought through, taking your specific needs and abilities into consideration.

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Training with Stef was the best thing I ever did. By the time I decided to join a gym and get "help" I already weight 100kg. Not once did Stefan see me as the "fat" person I saw myself at. He just saw the person I could be and motivated me to do better, train harder! It was hard at the beginning but Stefan stood by me every step of the way. In 3 months' time I lost 28kg and felt and looked amazing. Without Stefan I wouldn't have been able to have done that. Even the other people in the gym started to notice the weight I loss and I will never be able to explain how grateful I am to Stefan that changed my life. You train hard, diet even harder but it is worth it. Stefan believed in me from day 1 and that is what makes him as great as he is. Thank you Stefan for changing my life for the better!

~ Joan Geldenhuys

Hi my name is Roché Theron, I am an Independent Herbalife Member from Pretoria. I used to exercise really hard but just didn't seem to get rid of loads of centimetres. I started Trainingwithstef and the results has been amazing. In my first week I lost 15cm measured over 8 places. I am really having SO MUCH FUN in the gym now! It feels like you're a part of a comfortable healthy lifestyle community with Stefan and even his other clients and having such an amazing support system really helps with staying motivated! I'm really looking forward to each and every session because I know with Stefan's expertise and advice I can reach my goal!

~ Roché Theron

Op 58 het ek my mobiliteit terug en opnuut energie danksy die programme wat Stefan spesiaal vir my uitwerk. Sy geduld is onbeskryflik. Hy motiveer my om verder te gaan as wat ek dink ek in staat is. Ek voel goed!

~ Monica Rossouw

After the birth of my second child I never got my figure back. Having never been grossly overweight I was imensely frustrated and decided to join a gym and get in touch with Stefan. I set my goal for December. After 4 months I have lost a dress size, weight and fat persentage. I gained self confidence and look forward to my workouts. Stefan tailer made a program to suit me and my specific needs. He remained patient and motivated me when I failed to see the results I wanted. I would never have been able to do this on my own. Thank you Stefan! I can't wait to see the results by December!

~ Anonymous Female client

I am profoundly grateful to Stefan. When I started training with him, I was obese (at 49% body fat), I hadn't set foot in a gym for about ten years and I was struggling with postnatal depression after the birth of my second child.

After working with Stefan, I have lost 10kg and 20% body fat. I have far more energy, I'm sleeping more soundly. It's a pleasure to be able to fit into clothing that I'd long outgrown, as well as keep up with my children. Best of all, my postnatal depression has subsided.

Along with providing challenging and varied programs in our sessions, he was also instrumental in helping me to find an eating plan I could stick to.

Recently, somebody asked me "What is your secret?" And my answer is "Stefan". He really knows what he's talking about, along with being encouraging and patient and having a great sense of humour. It's been a privilege to have such an awesome trainer and friend.

~ Jaclyn Scott

I've always said one of the most important things for a coach or trainer to recognize – regardless of how long they've been "in the trenches" – is that they have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth, and that they should use them in that order.

What I really respect most about Stefan – other than being a top rate coach and someone whom I have a lot of respect for – is that he's constantly learning and open to learning from other people. He's always observing, listening to others, and honing his craft. Always.

What's more, not only does Stefan talk the talk, but he walks it. He's one of the most well-rounded and passionate trainers I've ever met, and he's dedicated to his clients.

Even more important, Stefan is just an awesome human being, which is pretty much the best compliment you can give someone. And he undoubtedly deserves it.

~ Donovan Caldeira

TWS Qualifications:

•Pre and Post Natal
•Strength & Conditioning
•Personal Training
•Exercise is Medicine
•Kettlebel training
•Jump Stretch
•Olympic Weight Lifting

TWS Experience:

More than 10 years' experience in coaching/personal training and been on stage for bodybuilding competitions.
Training With Stef, Strength and Conditioning
Training With Stef, Exercise is Medicine


TWS started out from one person with a love for Health and Fitness. All went well and I was good at what I did. People came to the gym, asking for me by name because of my references. I displayed fantastic results in all my clients, until 21 December 2010. Whilst sight-seeing on the morning of 21 December, Monique and I were involved in a serious collision where a 3rd party crashed into my side of the car with a transporter.

Monique suffered from short term memory loss, but was thankfully, out of danger. I was, however, still trapped in the wreckage when she was transported to a nearby hospital. I was freed two hours later. I was in a coma, unable to give any personal particulars or my medical aid status. The pilot of the resque helicopter insisted that I be taken aboard even though everyone on the scene said: "He will not make it."

By that time the paramedics already phoned my sister and my parents, telling them I will not survive. I was airlifted to a hospital in Durban where the blood was drained from my brain. A very senior specialist arrived to assess my condition. I later learned that his instructions to the medical personnel were as follows."His condition is very serious but he is young, he is strong and he is in a very good physical condition. Let's give him a fair chance."

I was in a coma for 16 days before I was taken into the high care facility. Everyone's faith, prayers and contributions brought me to where I was transported back to Pretoria to recover in a rehabilitation center.

I had to learn to sit, walk, talk and eat again. Monique stood by my side all the way. I had to wear diapers and started out just like a baby. It took me several months just to be able to go back to work. My goal was to go back and carry on from where I left off. However, people felt sorry for me and new clients avoided the "retard with barely enough balance to keep himself up" in the gym. I was ashamed of talking to possible new referred clients over the phone as my speech was badly influenced by my brain injury. Now, I was in a better position to show people what their bodies can do if they have the right support and the right mindset. I suffer from brain injuries, causing me to have little balance, walking tip toed, struggling to use my right hand and find it difficult to pronounce certain words.

I decided not to let the situation get me down. I married the love of my life, Monique, and we now have a beautiful little girl. Based on my work and life experience with the human body, I will motivate and help people with whatever they need to accomplish their goals in the Health & Fitness industry.

I have made a remarkable recovery so far, and I am still working on it every day of my life.

We serve a big God of love, therefore I do everything in His name, because He has given me the strength and will to survive.

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